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My seedlings fail

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Every year I learn from mistakes.  But these questions I am not able to find out what goes wrong:


I try not to over water.  But I still get that green slim on top. I have a fan blowing very gently like they say. Is there something I can spray the tops with that won't kill the seedlings?  Like maybe weak peroxide? I let it dry out but risk killing the plant. Then when I do water it just comes back. I try to water from the bottom but it still happens.


I have seeds that sprout with 2 little leaves then just sit there.  What do I do to get the seedlings to grow up and healthy? They say not to fertilize. It's like they're stunted.


I will get a seed to sprout but send up the stem and tiny leaves grow into the soil.  I try to turn it over but it seems to die anyway. Why and how to prevent it?


Why are you not to repot up more than one pot size?   What happens? What difference does it make?


Hope you can answer at least one of these questions and maybe refer me to where I can get the answers I need.

- D.S. -

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Sounds like you need to either sterilize the soil or use a sterile bagged potting mix. Once the seedlings have true leaves ( not the two little cotyledons you're seeing) And they have reached roots all the way to the bottom of the seedling container you can bump them up to a bit larger size.


Seedlings can be finicky but such a miracle when they work out. Let me know if I've answered any of your questions!

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