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Asian lily bulbs

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You sure can.


If it is just the bulb:

Plant it now.  It's especially good to be out there while there is space to maneuver in your. garden between other plants. Because I know you want to use lilies for what they are so good for - arising above other perennials such as short ornamental grasses or spring blooming-summer slacking perennials.


If there is any top growth:

Plant to protect the growing shoot.

The hardy lilies already in the ground in your area have probably not broken ground yet. Use them as a cue if your new lilies have already sprouted. Any part of the lily that sticks up above ground right now may be frost damaged, so plant the bulb to cover all top growth. Don't worry that you buried green, it will keep coming up.

Alternatively, plant it with the growing tip above grade (green tip above, white part of the shoot below) then place some evergreen boughs around it. That will keep protective ground warmth around that exposed tip -- a tip that will be smart enough to not grow any more until the temperatures settle.

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