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Janet Macunovich

Two mystery perennials

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From our email... If anyone has care suggestions or other I.D., please comment!


Could you help me identify the following plants?

Another one is now blooming a pretty light lavender flower that seems to be liked by butterflies and bees alike.


Thank you so very much for your help. I would truly appreciate knowing about each plant and the proper way to care for it. I believe both are perennials.





The first image (#1) may be a daisy (Leucanthemum variety); I'm afraid it's hard to tell by this photo. If it is, it'll be blooming any day now. Cut the flowering stalk down to the ground after the flower fades, and every spring reduce the always- enlarging clump by using a spade to cut out what parts you do not need.


The second image is Stokesia laevis, Stokes aster. Blooms blue-violet (usually in July in our gardens; perhaps you're ina w armer zone? Or the plant is new and ahead of the usual season this year only, because the nursery started it early in a greenhouse?). Remove the flowers (cut the stalk down to the base) after the flower fades; repeat bloom may occur. Usually needs no special care, and does not become overlarge in a garden so can be left in place for many years if it's healthy. If you wish tto make more of it, it can be dug up, soil shaken off, and divided into pieces. Use a sharp knife and slice between clusters of leaves at the base of the plant -- best done in early spring/april but can be done any time.

Full sun for both plants. Both are perennial in most of North America. The stokes aster wants especially good drainage whereas the daisy is not so particular.

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