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Weedy Grass

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I installed a sod lawn three years ago and in the last year have noticed some unsightly patches of light colored "grass" making its way into my lawn.


I'm in Vancouver, Canada. Lawn sees a lot of rain/shade. Lots of soil compaction.


I've started using roundup, but I feel this may not be the best approach. Perhaps a preemergent?


Attached are pictures of the bad stuff. I don't think it's crab or quackgrass. 


Any thoughts/suggestions?






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It is a weed grass, maybe one similar to quackgrass in its leaf thickness, but more splayed in habit and a bit less rampant in root spread. Barnyard grass.  Or orchard grass. Maybe even a tall fescue, which can be a desirable lawn grass in sunny areas. Witout seeing the grass plant allowed to grow and develop a seed stalk, I'm hard pressed to tell one from another.


Going on what I do know, that it's an unwanted grass: Usually such things get in where the "better" lawn grass has become thin, and seed can sprout between. Digging out those spots and reseeding, or killling those spots and clearing them, then reseeding, is a start.


Have you worked on the underlying soil in the whole yard? Your lawn's showing some of the typical signs of a lawn made by sodding over hard packed soil. Usually takes 4-5 years to develop that lumpy, mottled color look... Aerating, topdressing, fertilizing with a slow release organic product that will help the soil condition. The deeper and thicker you can make the lawn, the fewer places there will be for weeds of any kind to get in. It does take time, unless you remove the existing lawn and start over, a situation in which you can get to the soil more easily to break it up. As a for instance, currently we're 3 years into renovating a badly compacted lawn with weed problems, and only this year have we been able to say, "Hey, look, we've made it better."

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