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Lost Leucanthium

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I lost my leucanthium plant over this past winter.  I loved this plant because it was an "all white" daisy.


My efforts to find a replacement on the web leads to only Leucanthium daisies that have yellow eyes.  I may have the wrong spelling of this plant but I am pretty sure of the name.


Any help replacing this plant would be greatly appreciated..




Nick Mendes

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Wow. I don't think I've seen leucanthemum with white centers.... Or maybe yours was one of the double forms, with the ordinarily-yellow fertile parts in the center replaced with white petal-ettes.

Take a look at 'Ice Star' as a for-instance.


If this looks like the one you had, then you're looking for a fully double Leucanthemum. They are not the commonly sold types so yoou should call around to save yourself shopping miles, or order by mail.

I grew a fully double years and years ago; I can't even recall its variety name but do recall it wasn't nearly as vigorous as the single daisies we had.

'Esther Read', 'Horace Read' 'Crazy Daisy' and 'Sante' are some of the currently-sold fully double white daisies, in addition to 'Ice Star.'

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