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Steven Nikkila

Cucumber indoors, leaf problem

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Came in via email and we hazarded a guess. Help!



I am trying to grow cucumbers indoors again for the third winter. I have had very little luck in the past, so this year I used “Manny Hybrid Greenhouse Cucumber” seeds from Territorial Seed Company. They started fine. I transplanted them to bigger pots and provided a netting for them to grow up onto. They are in a semi-controlled room where the temperature is low at night to 60-65 and high during the day to about 70. There are windows, but I have also provided lights for them as well. They have grown well, and are now producing numerous flowers. My problem is that the leaves are starting to turn brown, getting spots on them. I don't see any insects on them. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I water, provide feedings. Do you have any suggestions? I have many house plants in this room that are doing well, and also have some tomato plants that are doing fine and show no signs like these cucumber plants have. I would be more than happy to send you photographs if you feel that would help.


W. C.


Sounds like mildew and so air circulation and humidity may be the issues. Ironically, calling for higher humidity and more air movement. But we're not cuke experts -- even though this fits our indoor plant expertise! -- so we're going to post your question and this reply on our Forum and see what those who do more greenhouse growing and veg growing, have to say. You can watch there, at https://forum.gardenatoz.org in the Vegetables and Fruits folder.

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