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Janet Macunovich

Moss problems

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C.M. from Grand Blanc, Michigan wrote to us recently:

I am looking forward to improving my lawn and garden this year. My problem is moss. I have a lot of clay in my yard, any ideas? Thank you.


Our first reply:

We look at three things when moss is a problem, C.M.

1) Is the soil well drained? If there is a drainage problem -- if excess moisture cannot fall quickly out of the soil, even if that blockage is many feet below the surface -- the moisture backs up into plants' root zones and makes it difficult for other plants to grow, so moss gets the upper hand.

2) Is the soil extremely acid? Many plants cannot handle very low pH (Acidity) and as above, moss then gets the upper hand. In lower peninsula Michigan, this kind of acidity is really unusual. 

3) Is air movement in the area non-existent? In deep woods among thick trees, and on houses built in thick woods, surfaces don't dry and moss can flourish.


Of these three, #1 is #1. Check the drainage. Put in a drain, core aerate a lawn or do whatever else is called for to improve the drainage or lead the excess water away to where it can drain.


Even sandy soil can have drainage problems and moss, by the way. Clay can be great garden soil. The problem is when clay is packed down. Break it up and let the air flow through it and wonders happen.


If you have not thought about drainage, look into it. We've written often about it and you can find those articles by going to GardenAtoZ.org and putting the word DRAINAGE into the search box. Our article "When we dig clay" may be the best start for you.

(Hmm. Links are not working. Paste this URL to see that article:  gardenatoz.org/whats-up/ensemble-editions/spring/what's-up-177-clay-clip-stake-weed/when-we-dig-clay/


I'm sending you this first reply directly but also posting it on our Forum*. I hope you will go there if you want to further the conversation. I think there may be others in the community who might have ideas about what's going on with your rose. At any rate, others will benefit by having the discussion out in the public eye.


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