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Steven Nikkila

Posting Photos

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We've had questions about how to post a photo. Here's a quick how to.

1 - Optional, but recommended for faster loading: Reduce the image size using a photo editing program such as Photoshop, Paint, I-Photo, etc.  It's very clear on screen if you make it 10" wide or tall and set the pixels to 72 per inch. Save images in .jpg format for best results.

2 - When posting a photo you click on the Attach Files. post-3-0-62043100-1327412955.jpg

3 - If replying to a topic you need to select the "More Reply Options" button. post-3-0-30389700-1327413133.jpg

4 - Your screen should then look like this (it's just how the "Post New Topic" screen looks): post-3-0-69698800-1327413032.jpg

5 - Once you click on attach files, select your photo. then click on "Open" to upload. post-3-0-17611300-1327413064.jpg

6 - Once the photo is uploaded, place your cursor where you want the photo to be in the post and select "Add to Post". post-3-0-41736000-1327413286.jpg

7 - The photo should then be posted into the text of the post. I found out you don't use the photo icon on the toolbar, it can't see your computer's photos. post-3-0-17028600-1327413429.jpg

Hope this helps.


About sideways and upside down photo: Use a photo editor (Photoshop, etc.) to rotate your photos before you attach them. In our Forum program we don't have any tools for rotating.

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HoHoHO and HeeHeeHEE!! Thank you, Steven!! And a special Thank You since I seem to be a double Flickr wash out!


By the way, don't EVER take this down! I had to open the Forum in two tabs and refer back and forth while posting my first photo! Hopefully it won't be necessary forever, but . . . . . . . :unsure:

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After some trial and error I found that yes a 10" picture will load easily but when it displays in the post the right edge is cut off. You can click on it and it will show the whole picture. Or what I did was reduce the width of the picture to about 4.5" ( before attaching) then the whole image shows with out clicking on it. Gosh I would have saved alot of trial and error if I had looked here first at Steves how to!

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