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Weed grass took over during winter

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My lawn has been invaded this year by patches of a rough grass that resembles crab or quack grass. It was not there last fall at the last cutting but has come on strong once the weather has warmed up. It is almost as if the Polar Winter spurred this stuff on faster than the rest of the normal? lawn.


I noticed that lawns in the neighborhood seem to be exhibiting a similar situation.


Are there chemical solutions or do I have to resort to mechanical means ( weeding or cutting out the larger patches and resodding or seeding)? I need some type of maintenance program to combat a re-occurrence. 


I have attached a few photos to show the grass in question.




Rochester Hills, MI




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Our condolences, J.G., it does look like quack grass (Agropyron repens)... or maybe, being more prostrate of stem, it's that similar villain called... barnyard grass?

(No, Janet stop being lazy and go look up the right name. Didn't yesterday's misspeak about petunias being native to Africa when really they're from South America teach you anything?!)

(Okay, the verified scoop:)

Johnson grass (Sorgum halepense) is the similar-to-quack grass that's also perennial and a dastardly thing to eliminate (though not as bad as Q.G.). (Barnyard grass is a look-like that's an annual so a comparative pushover).


Not surprised such a plant got ahead of you over this  winter. So many perennials that have running roots or spreading crowns, just kept growing all winter. No exaggeration. The ground was so warm that iris rhizomes, bishop's weed roots, grasses like this just kept on keeping on.

Both quack grass and Johnson grass have to be spot killed (which does mean killing the good grass there, too, and re-seeding) and/or dug out. More than once because we all miss root pieces. IF we dig it we start dead center of the grass patch, cut straight down with a spade (a rectangular sharp blade) and loosen and chase outwards in all directions. Don't start on what you think is the edge, cut and pop up -- that will almost certainly sever and leave behind root pieces that will come back in about two hours.


To keep out this and other weeds, beef up the grass you want to grow there. Aerate, overseed, fertilize, water regularly when rains are irregular... If you keep all spaces closed that could offer seeds a place to sprout, that goes a long way to keeping these plants out. Unfortunately, running-root weeds like this can re-invade from adjacent lawns, gardens and fields. If it looks like the plants are coming in that way, a deep root barrier or a wide, deep shade barrier (such as a 5' wide evergreen hedge) is necessary to prevent re-invasion.



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