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Bulbs planted late

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If the bulbs are firm -- still good vegetables as you would keep in a crisper drawer -- then plant them. You will not have bloom this year but probably some foliage.


More on this with pictures of good bulb/bad bulb in Late plant bulbs:



A late-planted bulb may go right back into blooming schedule the next year, or it may be reduced in size that next year for having had less foliage in its first year in place year, and if it's too small it may not bloom. But in the latter two situations it can still build back up if it's in a good growing place -- well drained, sunny throughout spring and early summer. (Occasionally, there's a 4th situation, when the bulb does not develop any foliage this spring but can sit and rest in well drained cool ground until fall when it resumes growth with roots.)


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