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Planting a new tree

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Over the last two years, the the red crimson maple on our boulevard started to struggle.  This year, when the city came by to trim the trees this spring, they took the tree out.  I talked to the city tree inspector and he said that as long as a buy a city approved tree, I can plant my own.


However, I have a small problem.  The city tree trimming company took the tree out, but they have not removed the stump yet.  The city said that the same company that took the tree out will come back and grind out the stump, but only after they are done trimming all the trees in the city.  So that may not be until late May or June.


I have attached a picture of the red crimson maple stump so that you have a rough idea how big it was.  The tree never really grew that much, and was probably no more than 20 feet tall when they cut it down.


So my question is if I tried to plant a tree roughly 10 feet to the right of the stump, when the city comes to grind out the stump, do you think that would disturb the new trees roots?  Should I wait until the stump is ground out to plant a new tree?  If I wait, can I plant a tree in June, or should I wait until the fall?








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If you are anxious to get a new tree planted...planting 10 feet away would leave enough room for the city to grind the stump out without affecting your new tree. Planting the new tree in the spring or fall is best, cooler weather allows for root growth easier acclimation to the new site. Be sure to water at least one inch per week, a slow soak throughout the root area is best. Make sure that when planting your new tree there is a tree well (an area surrounding the trunk that is free of grass and has a lip to hold water/rain water for the tree's root ball). Do not allow mulch within 2 inches of the tree trunk as this protects bark from moisture retention and insect problems.

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