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Recently I've been able to get some really nice bird photos. Some of them follow.


This swan was blowing bubbles.



Saw this female redwing blackbird staying close and going in and out of a pond area with a very  small willow tree. She got quite close to me and preened herself. She's a beauty.



Took awhile to find this very young redwing blackbird in a small willow. Do you see it?



Always keep your eyes and ears open something maybe there that you're missing. After focusing on just the baby redwing, I finally heard a second chick squeak.



Watched redwing black birds feed their young for quite awhile to get this photo of Mom feeding a youngster.



Dad didn't like it when you got too close and often told you so by swooping and chirping at you.



Mama goose and her babies.



Saw this mallard in a garden.



She let me get very close and photograph her. There maybe eggs but I didn't see any.



These ducklings seem to need their own space. Stay away Mom we're ok.



A great blue heron is a serious hunter they can stalk and move very slowly to stab and grab very quickly.


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