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Container planting

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I'm looking for a large light weight container that will be a new home for a two year old Bloomerang Lilac. I've been told I need one at least 26 inches across. Any suggestions?

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I like those lightweight resin pots that look like glazed ceramic. A 19" is the biggest I have, but I've seen them up to 30" now and then. 


One thing to be aware of though - a 26" pot is pretty big. The pot itself could be made of spun birthday wishes, it'll still be tremendously heavy with soil and a large plant in it, even if you use every weight-reducing trick in the book. My 19" is barely liftable, which is why it's on one of those wheeled carts. The only reason I mention that is the weight of the pot itself may be less important if it requires a hand truck to move anyway. 


A cheaper alternative would be to find one of those plastic barrels (that contained food of some kind - they're often used for rain barrels). If you cut it in half, throw some pipe insulation around the edge to give it a finished rim, then paint it, it looks kinda like a large planting container. Make sure you drill drainage holes in the bottom of course. Imagine this cut in half.



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