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Steven Nikkila

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This is an old thread; but then, I am an old gardener - and an old member.  I want to express my thanks and kudos to Janet, and especially to Steve, for their clever behind-the-scenes cyber-manipulations getting me back into my account.  They accomplished this feat in spite of:


- A forgotten password (I never forget passwords and I have a password keeper!  I must have known (or thought I knew) this one so thoroughly that I never wrote it down!)


- And a new email address! (So I couldn't use the "I forgot my password." feature.)  THAT is amazing!


As a result, I didn't have to re-register as "Corky2.0"!


Thank you Steve and Janet for service to members above and beyond the call of duty!  :wub:

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You are so welcome. This was another case, maybe the 5,000th time, that we learned a lot because someone asked.


When I was first asked to write for the Detroit News (don't look for me there now; I ended a 13 year run in 2006) I was working two jobs, my kids were just turning teen and my first thought was, "Naw, sorry, I do not have time." But pretty quickly, I reconsidered. "Wait a minute. We've been so busy lately we haven't been attending Extension gardening classes and such nearly like we used to. If I make it a Q&A column I'll be forced to study up and learn something new every week..." And that's exactly what happened.


Now it keeps on happening here, in our every day Q&A. Sometimes we don't want to learn -- finding our way around the backside of computer programs? Ugh! Looking into yet another new invasive exotic insect or fungus, bleh! -- but we do it anyway because our friends ask us, and we do in the end always feel good about it.


So ask away. We love a challenge.

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