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Ok, can anyone out there think of a reason why my Coreopsis verticillata 'Zagreb' would suddenly, about mid-summer, start having flowers lacking petals OTHER THAN aster yellows? The rest of the plants look pretty good, no foliar deformities, but given the timing I fear the worst. That's right about hopper time, too.


If nobody can think of anything I think I'll rip them out. Too bad, too. They had just gotten to the point where they were filling in nicely, and they were a real winner as far as hardiness and continuous bloom were concerned. The veronica right behind them also looks like heck, but I don't now if that's drought, vine weevils eating the roots (they do eat the leaves), or aster yellows there too. I understand they are also susceptible, but with no deformities (just ugly, but normal, foliage) I'm going to let them have one more year.


Lotta disappointments this year, so I shall look on the bright side. I believe I will go and spread some Walker's Low around to reward it for its performance in the face of adversity. If I stick some at the feet of Perovskia, I'll get a little olfactory reward of my own.

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