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Steven Nikkila

Irrigation line twisted

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I was helping install some new irrigation line this weekend. We got it in a 100 foot roll.



When we went to put the line in the ground it was twisted from being rolled up for awhile. Putting this into the trench that was dug would have been a frustrating job. We would of had to put the line in and cover it with soil right away, which we didn't want to do until we tested the system for leaks and the line would probably just pop out from under the soil anyway.



It was a bright sunny day and I decided to let the sun do the straightening out for me. Here's the line 10 minutes later. It has straightened out somewhat, but still a little kinky.



And here's the line 30 minutes later, nice and relaxed and ready to be placed in the trench.



Then splicing the line and adding the sprinkler heads was much easier with a relaxed line.


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The same technique is recommended on the label for installing soaker hoses....Works for new garden hoses as well - lay out straight in a sunny area - important to do if the hose will be stored on a reel or hose cart....

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When I bring my hoses in for the winter (sometimes November if I planted new evergreens) it's too cold and cloudy for this to work. So I haul them into the basement all stiff and stubborn. I then hook one end to the drain valve on the water heater and wrestle the other end over to the laundry sink. Open up the drain valve, and I end up with an unsilted water heater (recommended annually by the manufacturer) and warm, cooperative hoses willing to assume the coiled position.

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