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Janet Macunovich

List your no-wilt clematis

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I'm hoping for your help to make a list for gardeners making the move away from a frustrating large-flowered clematis that succumbs to wilt.


It's said and we think we've seen that the small flowered Clematis species resist wilt fungus (as opposed to the large-flowered, wilt-prone hybrids such as Nelly Moser, Henryii, etc.)


People who are making the tough decision to give up on a wilt-stricken clematis may appreciate hearing about these others. And seeing them -- so post a photo if you have a shot of your favorite wilt-resister...


We grow a number of Clematis viticella and C. texensis varieties that haven't had any wilt problems. Several of them grow in the space a wilt-struck large-flowered type occupied, so we're pretty sure the pathogen's around.


What's your experience in getting around clematis wilt? Any other species you can recommend?


(We wrote about clematis wilt and wilt resistance as a What's Up Stumper)

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One of my favorite plants--so much diversity in the family! A large flowered clematis that I have grown for years is Multi-Blue, with never a hint of wilt.post-133-0-89836000-1339360958.jpg

One of my favorite small flowered clematis is Betty Corning . It flowers from spring to fall with multitudes of pale lavender bell-shaped flowers. It also has a lovely citrusy scent at the end of the day. It is very reliable, and grows about 6ft for me after I shear it down in the spring.post-133-0-86718700-1339361273.jpg

Another of the best is Betty Corning--a two-toned pink with upraised flowers. Ruguchi (also spelled Rooguchi, Raguchi,etc--I think it was bred by a Japanese grower, so translated names?) is a very vigorous two-toned blue purple bell shaped bloomer. It gets cut to the ground in early spring and then proceeds to get 8-9 ft tall. It is a somewhat lax climber--I grow it inside a tuteur and it is somewhat blowsy. I think it might be better growing in with a large shrub. People always ask me what it is--they don't recognize it as a clematis. Gravety Beauty is a fantastic reddish tulip shape, and one of my musts.

After years of frustration with large flowered clematis that got wilt EVERY year (!) I just had to find a way to have this vine in my garden. These small flowered plants have never exhibited wilt, and are extremely care-free.

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