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Janet Macunovich

Searches on GardenAtoZ

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If you're looking for something on GardenAtoZ.org and running into dead ends, or you hit on a great way to find things there, THANK YOU for emailing and letting us know!


When you let us know what you're looking for we'll help you find it. (The problem might be that something you know we wrote isn't yet posted. Inquiries prompt us to post an item right then or move it up in the queue.)


Specifics are appreciated as they help us help you find what you need and also make future Searches simpler for everyone. You've helped us identify better approaches, change programs, and make more key word entries in lists that make our downloadable PDF issues "visible" to the search program. (Many of those lists are a community effort. Volunteers read Ensemble Edition newsletters, send us key word lists -- "Here's what _I_ would search for in this issue." We add them to that newsletter's page on GardenAtoZ.org)


Please feel free to email us, or to post in this folder what you're looking for and can't find, or tips you can share to other seekers. We are truly grateful for your input, wish we were hitting the mark more dead on, and remain very willing to keep trying.

- Janet and Steven -


Here are starter tips, which apply to searches on GardenAtoZ.org as well as this Forum, and can help in searches of other sites, as well:


1) Try synonyms,

more or less specific, minor and major changes.

For instance, Drew a blank searching for indoor plant? Other possibilities:

indoor garden


house plant

tropical plant





If rose problem didn't score a hit, switch to

rose black spot

rose fungus

black spot

rose leaves yellow


If you look for cut arborvitae, try also

clip arborvitae

clip evergreen

clip hedge

prune hedge

shear hedge


2) If you have or chance upon a scientific name for the plant or problem you seek, use it.

Clip arborvitae can be clip Thuja or prune Thuja

Peony problem might be peony botrytis or Paeonia botrytis


3) If you're looking for a phrase -- two words or more -- put it in quotations to narrow the field. On GardenAtoZ a search for "black spot" yields 7 hits, black spot, 25.


4) Understand that a search on GardenAtoZ.org might yield a list with entries that don't appear to include the search term. Each link to a likely page is accompanied by the first portion of its text. Some of our pages have 500 or 1,000 words and what you seek may be beyond what's shown there.

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