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Janet Macunovich

Can you add advice about Angelica?

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Hi all -- we received this email and made this answer. Anyone who has grown Angelica archangelica may want to add to it!


Good morning!


From snowy WI--received 10 inches of heavy wet snow. The landscape is a Winter Wonderland!

Really enjoyed your presentations at the Midwest Perennial Conference.

You had one pic that had an Aralis-blue gray green plant-towering above the

lower green ground cover.

Question is: the name of this plant and where might I purchase this


Hope your stay in Wisconsin was enjoyable!!




Hi Larry

Glad you enjoyed the talks at the conference. A good group, so much energy and knowledge in one place.


So Wisconsin got its badly needed snow cover at last!

We had about 5 inches of wet stuff (we built a snowman) right after getting home, but since then just rain and wind. March coming in like the lion!


That was an Angelica archangelica in the picture -- at least I think you and I are thinking of the same photo. Angelica is a biennial you can grow from seed or may be able to find at garden centers in the herb section. Once you have one and let the seed develop on even one seedhead you will have it aplenty in future years; have to thin out the seedlings each year. The groundcover around it is sweet woodruff, Galium odoratum.


I posted the photo and this exchange on our website's forum so you can verify it's the photo you were recalling. Since we started our website at the new year, we've been trying to shift our email over there so the whole network can get in on whatever toipics we've been seeing and learning from that week. You can read anything you like there, and to post your own comment s or questions you only have to register (free), which means giving your email to our computer and making yourself a password. We don't sell or share or market email addresses but we must have them for Forum members so we can bar Spammers and hackers.



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We have angelica growing in a woodland area - 5 years ago there were only 1 or 2 plants, now they have reseeded and are growing in several places along the pond edge and near some Joe Pye and Brit Marie Crawford ligularia. I don't do anything with them or too them - they just keep volunteering (my kind of plant) without taking over the area!


The stalks I just took down this spring were 6 feet tall

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