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Margaret Thele

Tree advice for wet area

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Hey everyone, 

Your site has given me hope!!!

I have a difficult area that I need to put a small tree (or larger and keep it small). Its mainly for privacy so really anything will do, but am looking for a deciduous variety. The area is:

  1. Clay soil, compacted, but I have amended a large 7’ x 7’ space 18” deep

  2. Water collects here and does not drain – I have created some drainage and monitored it, pretty good, but will definitely be wet for a week or two or three after a rainfall

  3. There are pavers, patio, all around it so less surface roots the better

  4. Full to part sun

  5. Ideal size is 25-30’ high x 15-20’ wide

I have looked at River Birch, Black Gum, Sweetbay Magnolia (perfect if it can push through clay eventually), Amur Maple (root issue?)... after reading your site on keeping a tree small.. would some of these water loving larger trees work

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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