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Steven Nikkila

Don't want to be a "Breaking Bud'?

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Somehow when I posted a pic under the subject of "Tree Ents" by Dennis Groh, my Member title displays as Breaking Bud. I never typed this in. How do I change my "member title"? I go into my account and even there it is listed as Breaking Bud, which is a term I have never used. But when I click on "Member title" it does not give my option to change it. More fitting title should read "Advance Master Gardener". Can you help? N



Hi N


Our apologies, first. We made you a "Breaking Bud". It's a long story we'll try to make short.


1. The program for this Forum assigns each member a status based solely on how many posts you make.


2. This is a feature of the program we cannot change. (We don't like it but paying to change it was way beyond what we could do).


3. The program's default levels were "Newbie", "Member" and "Advanced Member". We hated Newbie. HATED! (Janet behind that repeat).


4. WE were Newbies at running the program and could not figure out how to change those categories. Furthermore we couldn't figure what other terms to use. We asked some of the best wordsmiths we know to help us out.


5. We decided we thought it was not worth delaying the launch to figure this out. We launched and said we'd get it as soon as we can.


6. Then we forgot, so many other things were going on. Our wordsmiths also unable to come up with words hid in their rooms were glad we forgot to remind them.


7. Last week all of a sudden we (Janet) noticed that stupid "Newbie" is still there. In desperation and forsaken by our wordsmiths we seized on the only three plant related "getting larger" terms we could come up with. We didn't like Seedling which sounded way too inexperienced for anyone in this group. So we took "Breaking Bud" to acknowledge at least a years growth under your belt.


8. The good news is (we hope) that all you have to do is post 9 more times even the tiniest posts and you will get to be....


9. If you have three good words we will be GLAD to consider them.


Be sure to include in your member profile that you are an Advanced Master Gardener and any other information about yourself that will help others decide how applicable to their situation your post might be.


I meant this to be short, then Janet got in on the act.



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