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Steven Nikkila

We're back from a bout with evil Spammers

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Hi everyone,


We are so sorry to have been closed for a while.


A Spammer's computer found us and was overloading us with nonsense messages. We saw it right away, closed to stop it while we increased security, then had to clean up. Even as quick as we were -- and we were very quick -- there were hundreds of messages to clear away.


Oh, if we could be so productive in a garden as a Spammer is with a hacking program!


The silver lining here is the reminder that being safe on the Internet means, in large part, not clicking on anything suspicious.


NOT AN ISSUE: a hyperlink within a post here that's integral to a normal sentence about potato bugs or whatever you have been discussing in that folder. That's almost certainly fine.


TO BE AVOIDED: A message here or anywhere that is disjointed or odd. Delete the message and or/report it to someone who can. (None of you would have been fooled by the Spam we just dealt with. It was ugly and disruptive. It was in its sheer volume that it might have "harvested" an accidental click.)


As always, we've learned by doing and if anyone would like to know more we would be glad to share the helpful parts. Post questions, advice or comments here if you'd like.


Back to the garden!

Janet & Steven

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