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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, Your site has given me hope!!! I have a difficult area that I need to put a small tree (or larger and keep it small). Its mainly for privacy so really anything will do, but am looking for a deciduous variety. The area is: Clay soil, compacted, but I have amended a large 7’ x 7’ space 18” deep Water collects here and does not drain – I have created some drainage and monitored it, pretty good, but will definitely be wet for a week or two or three after a rainfall There are pavers, patio, all around it so less surface roots the better Full to part sun Ideal size is 25-30’ high x 15-20’ wide I have looked at River Birch, Black Gum, Sweetbay Magnolia (perfect if it can push through clay eventually), Amur Maple (root issue?)... after reading your site on keeping a tree small.. would some of these water loving larger trees work Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello. A friend has a Magnolia tree that has this on its trunk. Does anyone know what it is? Thanks! It also has large cankers and deer rubs. Its about 30+ years old and is getting new blooms now and it looks fine. Any treatment or thoughts on what to expect? Thank you
  3. Our Ogon Sarasa Japanese Maple leafed out beautifully this spring (planted last fall) then got hit by the frost last week -- the leaves are all wilted looking and some have brown areas (tried to upload picture but upload function not working). We've been watering the tree but wonder if the tree will recover? Grow new leaves? What else should we be doing to ensure it's survival -- fertilize?
  4. On fruit trees, can 2 or 3 inch water sprouts, that have obviously become vertical branches, be cut off? I am concerned that it would leave an open surface wound that faces upward. Does it still "heal"?
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