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Found 2 results

  1. I have rented a heated greenhouse plot at Waterford Oaks. I will have use of it from 13-Sept through 13-April. My question is, what kind of veggies can I grow in that environment? I'm thinking that the very short winter days will affect flowering plants like cucumbers or melons or tomatoes. Am I limited to leaf veggies like lettuce and spinach? I've searched the web, but it all seems to be about unheated hoop houses.
  2. I would recommend not starting to build a greenhouse in December. With that said. My Sage Advice Nursery crew and I have started to build one from a kit and are almost complete. We've been working in the snow and cold and just have to put the polycarbonate panels on and finish the sidewalls and roof. It has been quite a saga, but got some extra help yesterday and work went along much faster. Still have a kit coming for my yard - this one is in my friend Vicki Peterson's yard - Sage Advice Nursery Two - Hope to get mine up before the drifts get too deep. Can recommend a kit building project - but be prepared to spend some time with it and have extra help on hand.
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