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Found 1 result

  1. So I have ventured into preserving my own food for the first time. Yes I know all you veteran canners will smile warmly and remember your first days, but it really has been fun and quite an adventure for me. Have done a bunch of tomatoes in salsa, a couple of sauces, tomato and red pepper jams - really great with crackers and dip, and now I am venturing into the realm of tomato juice, trying a regular version and some spicy V-8 like stuff. Will also get some pears to do a pear vanilla jam recipe I found on the internet. Have also been drying doing, grapes. peaches, cherries, tomatoes, and a great teriyaki beef jerky. The beef jerky was so successful that I am going to the meat market to get another thinly-sliced top round to try another batch. I have also made some yougurt and the next venture will be to try my hand at some cheesemaking! Really getting into this Suzy Homemaker kind of thing and I am very proud to say I haven't eaten a TV or boxed dinner in about two months. I have resolved to rely on scratch cooking to improve my diet and so far I have stuck to my guns.
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