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Found 1 result

  1. Bills already passed in the State House and now in the Senate put Yard Waste back into landfills to make Methane gas. HB 4265 and HB 4266 allow landfills with gas generators to accept Yard Waste. This is a reversal of the Michigan 1995 ban on putting Yard Waste into dumps. These laws will put a lot of small companies out of business. Yard Waste is the best Compost availble because of the diversity of the plant materials they contain. If these bills go into effect there will be very little good compost available to the public. Please call your State Senator and let them know how you feel about this. The bills as written require the curb separtation of the yard waste for 3 years but still allow the Yard Waste to go to landfills. Why pay for yard waste bags to go to the dump? Every Master Garden class I attended said "do a soil test and add Compost" . Michigan needs to save this valuable resource and increase our recycling. We don't need to fill up our landfills. These laws are a step back into the Dark Ages. What do you think? www.mckayscompostfarm.com
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