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Found 2 results

  1. So I have ventured into preserving my own food for the first time. Yes I know all you veteran canners will smile warmly and remember your first days, but it really has been fun and quite an adventure for me. Have done a bunch of tomatoes in salsa, a couple of sauces, tomato and red pepper jams - really great with crackers and dip, and now I am venturing into the realm of tomato juice, trying a regular version and some spicy V-8 like stuff. Will also get some pears to do a pear vanilla jam recipe I found on the internet. Have also been drying doing, grapes. peaches, cherries, tomatoes, and a great teriyaki beef jerky. The beef jerky was so successful that I am going to the meat market to get another thinly-sliced top round to try another batch. I have also made some yougurt and the next venture will be to try my hand at some cheesemaking! Really getting into this Suzy Homemaker kind of thing and I am very proud to say I haven't eaten a TV or boxed dinner in about two months. I have resolved to rely on scratch cooking to improve my diet and so far I have stuck to my guns.
  2. Made and canned red pepper jam last night. We don't have a forum for the bounty of the garden or harvest so I figured I'd put the topic here. Red peppers mixed with sugar and vinegar makes a wonderful spread for cheese and crackers or sandwiches. First time putting food up in cans this year and having a marvelous time doing it with the bounty of summer vegetables from the farmer's market. Quick - get out to your farmer's markets this week and get the last of the tender summer vegetables! Here in Michigan we are having our first frost this am.So its last call for fresh tomatoes, peppers, cukes and watermelon!
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