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  1. Very helpful responses about Creeping Charlie, aka CC and the rate of the application that's as significant as the numbers of N-K-P. Good idea to ask about exactly what is being used as well as to be sure that it's just a herbicide. Then, there's the big question of exactly how important is it that I would spend $$$ to have lush lawn in a world where some would like $ for seeds and a big of land so their family could eat.
  2. I listened to a lawn service representative the other day describe their 6 times a summer approach to adding fertilizer and weed killer. The fertilizer every 8 weeks with a nitrogen amount of 24, no phosphate, and some potassium plus weed killer that will get rid of all lawn weeds including Creeping Charlie using all granular that is safe for pets and children right away. I've never used a lawn service and we have a major infestation of Creeping Charlie so I am tempted but is that much nitrogen harmful and what residual effects might there be from having weed killer applied? I would appreciate all comments about lawn services, advantages and disadvantages. Gretchen
  3. Would a lawn service that uses a weed killer wipe out the few crocus that I have in my lawn?
  4. Gretchen

    Sharpen Tools

    If you want to have tools sharpened professionally I have the card for Burg's Pro Sharpening, a mobile sharpening service operated by Ed Burg. His cell number is 810-543-1388 and he sharpens knives, scissors, mower blades, and garden tools. He doesn't sharpen chainsaw blades but his brother-in-law does. Ed sharpened some sewing shears for me, very reasonable and they cut fabric well now; he is the professional sharpener for the beautician I like. The mobile aspect will be good when it's time to do garden tools.
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