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  1. At Tollgate Farm in Novi, we have a Betty Corning clematis growing on the east side of the Conference Center barn. It's in an L-shaped area with the conveference center to it's south (so it's shaded once the sun passes behind the conference center. I admire how many blooms it has every year.
  2. Many years ago, a friend gave me Queen of the Prairie. I'd like to give plants to anyone who has the right conditions for them (sun, moist). They no longer do well in my yard.
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    Nutsedge in lawn

    Janet and I have had some emails on this subject already. I'm hoping to be able to tackle this new challenge organically, if possible. However, I've done some reading on the subject and it looks like a long process whether done organically or chemically. Occasionally, over the years, I find bits of nutsedge in my grass. I dig it up and it's gone till another pops up. However, I now have an infestation in my entire front lawn. Here's what happened: In mid-September, I hired a reputable (I've worked with them in the past) company to aerate and overseed my lawn. They used a grass slitting type of machine to overseed after the aeration. It was a Kentucky bluegrass mix of seed. The bluegrass hasn't come up (even though I kept it moist when we didn't get rain). However, I began to notice lots of nutsedge. I overseeded my backyard myself, after the same aeration, and do not have the problem there. The company owner came out to look at my lawn. He asked if I had used compost on the lawn as a possible source of the nutsedge. I had put down some compost from Bushel Mart in April 2010. This compost also was used as mulch in my front flower beds as a result of soil testing here in 2009. I have not seen any nutsedge in the beds. I also use a mulching mower regularly and mow tall during the summer months. Since looking up controls for nutsedge, I'm appalled at what I'm now faced with doing in terms of control. Any suggestions you or other readers have are much welcomed.
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