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  1. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, fencing is not an option as it is my front garden they go for and I don't plan on fencing that in. I may try the the netting though - thanks for the suggestion. I certainly haven't heard of the nitrogen beckoning to them in the past so I will have to read the labels of my fertilizers more carefully. Dorothy
  2. Help! I live beside a conservation area and the deer breakfast on my front garden on a daily basis - roses, perennial geranium, echinacia, mulberry tree, campanula - you name it, they eat it. I have tried Neem oil mixed as shown on the instructions of the bottle, various homemade remedies, Plantskydd, Deer Away, and male urine to no avail. The remedies work for a couple of days and then the deer just come right back. We now have a gadget bought through the Internet which supposedly emits a high pitched sound only heard by critters if they walk within its range, and that doesn't seem to be working either. Has anyone come up with anything that works for more than a few days?
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