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  1. Watch these guys, they are amazing diggers. They dug under our porch and undermined it.. Also they will eat your plants. I have had them dig up lilies and eat the bulbs. So you may want to more actively move this one on. Once they dig a burrow, simply moving them is less helpful since another one will use the abandoned hole.
  2. I have been battling this weed for 3 years. At first just hand pulling (2014), but not having researched it I simply dumped in compost pile - so maybe more seeding it around then battling that year. I learned my lesson and now never put any weed in compost. The second year (2015) I was ready and pulled early and dayily and placed in a separate pile in woods. I was diligent and tried to get each one before it went to seed. Not always successful as I built a 3 foot wide and tall pile of this thing, but I'd say 98% so. I also in the fall mulched my shade beds where I normally do not mulch. I spread Preen (which is I guess only a suppressant according to recommended article) in the fall and again this spring. Right now I have some emerging say around a couple hundred, but definitely less then last year when it was in the thousands. But it is early days. For me the most effective control does appear to be thick mulch. Battle on - you can win.
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