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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. The vine is not an evergreen but I will still plan to sever at the base in the fall. Good tip! Also, thanks for the info on a better way to post pics. I tried it and i got "stumped" half way through. I will try again.
  2. Hi, Does anyone have a recommendation for garden design software for Microsoft? I have so many hand sketches but I'd like to put some of my favorites in a design software. I have seen a few on CNET but the reviews aren't convincing (Garden Planner, 3-D Landscape for Everyone). I am not looking for anything too complicated, just to get my ideas from paper onto my laptop or to plan my next adventure Thanks!
  3. Hello, Two main questions! 1) Does anyone know the name of the vine climbing up the tree? Looks like vinca vine at the base but does not look like vinca on the tree. 2) There is no sign of girdling but I did see 2" diameter vines on the inner part of the tree - is there a short or long term risk to the tree? 3) Should I remove the vines (if so how do I know when to do this, as I like the "vine look"?)?. 4) If the recommendation is to remove the vine, would severing the thick vines allow me to keep the "vine look" with the younger vines? Thank you for your help. Hope the pics are useful. DAK Nicoles Vines 1.zip
  4. Hello, I have this very interesting plant growing near my front porch. I did a little research and think it is a pokeweed, which is a perennial and toxic, but birds can tolerate the fall berries. Wondering if fellow gardeners had an opinion on keeping it or pulling it...no pets or kids would be around it. Thanks!
  5. Hi Carol, thanks for your reply. Yes, about 8 or less have been found inside but i contribute that to open doors when coming and going and also coming in on me and my dogs. The amassing on the side of the house is out of control...if it was a one-two day event that is one thing but I have already put on 6 soap/water applications which have helped...tons of dead bugs after a few hours, but they keep coming back in just a few (4-12 hours) like nothing happened. There are adult, juvenille and babies...even down the driveway...they love the hot brick, aluminum siding and cement. My concern is that they will hibernate over the winter and keep coming back.
  6. Hello! Any suggestions how to safely deter box elder bug infestation? I saw the beginnings about 2 weeks ago. My neighbor had it too (both of us have brick homes with aluminum siding trim - which the bugs seem to love all the warmth from those materials)...my neighbor suggested a laundry detergent/water hose spray and it worked for him. So today I went outside and there were hundreds on the NW corner of my house...and along the west side and spotty here and there on the east side. So I sprayed a laundry detergent/water hose blend ...and did it again 2 hours later because there was still some (much reduced) activity. A few hours later, there was still activity so who knows what tomorrow will bring. Any tips? THANKS.
  7. Hello, Wondering if there is a good place in SE Michigan to buy field stone in bulk? Planning to landscape my front yard and put in a raised bed (planting a conifer, which kind is TBD). I need the stones to be manageable (can pick them up)...not sure what size but the small-medium sized ones...like a little smaller than a soccer ball.
  8. Thanks Margaret, It may have gotten some frost...not sure. Had some in my salad yesterday and it was great!
  9. Hello Everyone, I still don't know what this plant is. I was inquiring for a friend of mine who saw them on her walk. I am waiting to get the details from her (from all the great questions you all asked). I hope she will ask the home owner next time she gets a chance. I will let you all know as soon as I know more. Thank you very much for your feedback. It is much appreciated.
  10. Hello! I planted Red Winter kale on 4/8/12 in containers for the first time. It looks really healthy and is about 4" tall now. I just noticed that some leaves have white tips. What is up with that? My second question is it ok to eat? I plan to eat some but am mainly growing it for my friend's domestic duck. Seriously
  11. Thank you but I don't think that is it...I can see the similarities though. It isn't an herb.
  12. Hello, this is a shade tolerant shrub with purple/black leaves and a pink spiked flower. Thanks!
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