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    Design help

    When friends know you are a gardener, they often ask for advice that sometimes you can't answer as fully as you'd like. I was asked by this homeowner what could work for a screen, not a line of evergreens or a dense one, along the side of their home. This is a tough situation to work with and I need some help/ideas. (above) This is the main view (from a screened porch/out a door) where the screen is desired. It is facing south, but very shady due to all of the trees. It also has a very narrow, steep slope to work with. Below are photos of the slope. The property line is about the bottom of the slope. Again the screen doesn't have to be a dense one, just something(s) to break up the view. Any thoughts?
  2. Nick

    Lawn damage

    I can't be at a computer next Saturday for your Instant Answer session but have a question that I would like answered. While walking my neighborhood I've noticed some lawns with a lot of damage, almost like small bomb craters: . While another lawn has damage that looks like small trenches. Any ideas on what's causing the damage?
  3. I'm always amazed of the patterns seen in nature. The patterns in butterflies and moths wings are amongst my favorites. What are yours? What do you see in the following butterflies wing patterns:
  4. Made a visit to The Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House in Chesterfield, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis) and really enjoyed the butterflies. Took some pictures to share. The sculptures of butterflies and caterpillars outside were as beautiful as the ones inside. It was a very bright sunny and lots of butterflies were active. I forgot that I was outside for quite awhile and my camera steamed up. It took a few minutes to unfog. Once defogged, it was just a matter of choosing which butterfly to photograph.
  5. My helleborus has bloomed this early in the past, this photo was taken a few years ago. It isn't blooming yet this year.
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