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  1. I wonder if EH works in my building. 3 hibuscus plants mysteriously appeared a few months ago near the doors on the main floor. As soon as I saw them , I knew what the goal was but also knew that while they might survive they sure wouldn't thrive. Way too cold in that area with the glass doors opening and closing all day long. And 2 of them are right up against the glass. Yikes, poor guys.
  2. I'd like to know about this as well, had pretty much the same scenario. They were fine before we went on vacation for a week and even though we had a neighbor watering who is very relaible, it was crazy hot during that time. When we arrived home I thought they just needed water, but they never did perk up even when I trimmed some of them back. They all resembled impatiens that had gotten zapped by a frost, all skinny legs and few blooms. Sadly, I pulled them out about a week before Garden A to Z reported on it, but I suspect we had the fungus too.
  3. I remember when I first saw this plant in a magazine years ago, thought I MUST have this plant in my yard. After doing some research I decided it would be easier to take a toddler and make them stand in one place in my yard at all times than it would be to successfully grow a meconopsis! I sure did enjoy the ones I saw in person at Buchart Gardens many years later though.
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