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  1. The Maple is old. I've been here 23 yrs and it was full grown as was the Spruce when I moved in. The yews were transplanted from elsewhere and I think that's why 1 is dying. Thanks for suggestions. I will look them up.
  2. I have been trying to reduce lawn. First area is under Maple where I have a border of hydrangea. A bed quite nearby with 3 Serviceberry trees with a Spirea in the center, another border with 1 dying and 1 ok Yew with a row of Little Henry Itea in front shaded by a Silver Maple and Littleleaf Linden. It's quite a mishmash. I really want to put in natives, maybe with berries for birds, shrubs, ground cover. I was reading Sunshine Farms catalog but I hesitate to buy a bunch of stuff if it's not going to live. I was looking at Mertensi Virginica, Polystichum acrostichoides, Aster divaricatus, Carex laxiculmis and Ruellia humiliate. A lot of the area has been smothered by leaves, some is still very weak sod.
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