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  1. Just wanted to thank all of you for your ideas and great suggestions. May have to combine some groundcover with containers, as Janet's photo of this approach under a tree was just stunning. Love the plants and the PCV planters. In fact, since this is right off my deck, it may be the perfect place to include a 'fairie garden' for my granddaughters. Very much appreciate everyone's time! Janet --- am sending in my sponsorship pledge for the forum pages -- this is such a helpful service! Susan
  2. Susan here again. Wow, I never would have thought of sedum -- which might work well as the west side of the area gets a lot of later afternoon sun. Will seriously consider this. Many thanks!
  3. Many thanks, Karen and Esther. Cannot do pots -- the area is too large -- but normally that would be a great idea. I'm going to look for the Lamium -- thinking of Purple Dragon -- to try and see how it does. Again, appreciate your information. Susan of Brookwood
  4. I have a large Maple that is critical to shading the deck. The ground below is quite filled with roots that hog all the regular watering. The area gets part sun (west) in the afternoon. Grass under the tree (about 500 sq ft) not an option because the soil pH is high and the amendments we add (drills) destroy the grass. I do have a 6" trench dug around the outer perimeter (per Janet M's suggestion) that will hopefully prevent ground cover from growing into the outlying lawn. We do have bold deer. Vinca minor failed horribly. Contemplating Ajuga Chocolate Chip. Wondering if anyone has suggestions, experience with the ajuga, etc. Thanks for any suggestions!
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