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  1. I am working hard to make my garden wildlife friendly, especially to bees, since they are in such trouble. Until recently, I did not realize that bees nest in the ground. Just a few days ago, I noticed some odd activity near my front sidewalk. Several small insects were buzzing around, up and down, very active. I went to look, and found a hole in the middle of a Cheddar Pink dianthus, and dozens of these black and yellow striped insects flying about, going in and out. I thought perhaps they were ground bees. Today, the woman who helps me weed found three more such holes, each about 5-6 inches in diameter, all within 15 feet of each other, all with lots of activity. What are these? Are they dangerous? Should I remove them -- and if so, how? Finally, why now? When I read about ground bees, I read that nesting takes place in spring. But it's mid-August. What is going on? Jo Ellen Roe
  2. I saw that our area (Plymouth, MI) has been changed to Zone 6a. I wonder what this means for pruning shrubs. This raises lots of questions for me: Can I prune earlier than normal? Should I cut down my butterfly bushes as usual or leave them? They are still quite green. What about sub-shrubs lavender and artemesia? I normally cut them back to the growth bud, but this year, they are still green. What is the right approach?
  3. I live in Salem Township and buy truckloads of mulch from the landfill there. I believe the cost is $22 per ton. If I'm wrong about that, it's not much more and is an excellent value. It's a pickup truck load and goes a long way. Looks good, too.
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