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  1. I have never seen many, although I now realize I have seen the damage they do. But this year I have a lot of them. Hope they are content with the perovskia...
  2. yes, that must be it. Have never noticed them before in my garden.
  3. Hi all, Can anyone tell me what insect this is? It is eating my perovskia; and I have never noticed it before. thanks!
  4. Thanks for the recommendations. I will have to think about both. I would never have thought of a standard hydrangea. Not sure if I am a bold enough pruner for the seven son, but it certainly is showy.
  5. Hello all, We are removing a dead Japanese maple that was poorly sited by the previous owner of our house. We would appreciate suggestions for a replacement. Picture is attached. It's right next to our house, which is brick, facing south, so it really bakes in both summer and winter, and gets sun until late afternoon. We would like something with more than 1 season of interest, maybe flowering or fruiting? Something decorative but not high maintenance. Thanks for having this instant answer session; it is a great idea.
  6. this year we are growing arkansas traveler (great flavor in a medium sized tomato), black plum (very prolific), mortgage lifter (the earliest of the large tomatoes, it took some time off and has started fruiting again), ananas noire, red brandywine (we prefer the black or pink ones), wapsipinicon peach, yellow perfection, sungella, hillbilly (my husband's favorite this year) and red zebra (so tart!). As far as cherry tomatoes, we used to grow sungold and coyote and loved them. Next year hope to try chocolate cherry.
  7. I have a bee question. In my garden this week, there are a lot of bees buzzing around one of my hellbores. One or 2 bumbles, and lots of littler bees. A contractor that was at the house thought they were a problem; i think he was concerned about people getting stung. They are quite small. Are they likely to be miner bees, (andrena milwaukeensis was the name I saw on the net when I googled early season bees)? The article said they don't sting ( not capable of it). Any thoughts? thanks.
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