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    Rock Garden Renewal

    I'm a professional gardener, working with a client to redesign an existing rock garden. The garden is triangular, approximately 12' wide and 6' deep and rises to 22" at the center. (see photo) The general idea is to create a layout which would include more and larger stones in a variety of groupings. The layout also needs a few levels areas to do maintenance. I don't have any experience working with big rocks. What advice can anyone offer? Should I work with someone at a rock shop - say, The Rock Shop in Plymouth Township? Or with a landscape architect?
  2. Would like to know what is affecting this euonymus. Thank you.
  3. Not sure which topic this should go under (maybe multiple ones or maybe a new category called "problems with invasives") --- This photo was taken at a client's house in Beverly Hills, MI. Her flower bed was professionally designed and installed a few years ago and looked quite elegant at the time. However, it is now being invaded by garlic mustard coming from the neighbor's yard. The elderly neighbor used to do a decent job of taming it, but this year, health problems have ended his gardening days. I'd hate to see my client's bed overrun ... any suggestions?
  4. One of my clients had a new sump pump installed over the winter. For whatever reason, the two drains for the pump were installed at the front of the house and they empty into the front flower bed. As you see in the photo, the drain is creating a pool of muck. If that's not problematic enough, the existing downspout is very near the new drains and the shrub in front of it is drowning. Would appreciate thoughts on what to do/plant to make this better. Thanks very much! msr
  5. I helped my mom keep her garden neat for several years. It brought her a lot of joy, even when her macular degeneration got to a point where she was legally blind. This photo captures mom last spring, age 92, checking out the first crocus in her backyard. She was very thankful that I did things "her way". She passed on Thanksgiving Day, 2011. Rest in Peace, Mom.
  6. Please help me identify this shrub. These photos were taken yesterday - March 19 - and the thing is already all 'leafed out'! It's approx. 5'H and 4'S and located in a yard in Oak Park, Michigan. Thanks muchly!
  7. Thank you for posting this! I've been staring at my front entry boxwoods for a week now, wondering if it was OK to cut them.
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