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  1. very mature burning bushes are showing 2 issues with entire new branches dying, leaves completely dried but still intact to the branch. On most branches the leaves start out turning an orangish/yellow color. One branch the leaves turned bright yellow with green veins. I pruned back, using bleach solution to the blade betw each cut. Is this blight? 2 issues maybe? Thanks for all input. Nancy I tried to attach pictures but they aren't showing. ??
  2. my favorite digging fork. bought from a vendor during a gardening conference. SHW Friedrichstal. Brass tines and head, wood handle. has not bent since I bought it 4 years ago. Paid $99 and well worth it.
  3. I purchased a kwanzan cherry tree and found the pot totally root bound with over 7 roots wrapping around the trunk. luckily most were minor in size. 2 were quite large and 1 was already cutting into the trunk. The root flare was 3" below the soil line in the pot. I loosened all roots and cut all the girdling ones. When I planted the tree today, I added fertilizer and watered it in quite well. My questions are: Is there anything else I should do to give this tree a better chance of survival? Also, some of the roots are growing straight up. I read that surface roots are common in this type of tree. Should I cut those too? Thanks for the help. Nancy
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