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  1. We have angelica growing in a woodland area - 5 years ago there were only 1 or 2 plants, now they have reseeded and are growing in several places along the pond edge and near some Joe Pye and Brit Marie Crawford ligularia. I don't do anything with them or too them - they just keep volunteering (my kind of plant) without taking over the area! The stalks I just took down this spring were 6 feet tall
  2. There is a company called Charley's Greenhouse that has different types and sizes of greenhouses as well as supplies for them, fans, lights. shelving,etc. My mom decided a few years ago that she wanted a greenhouse and told my dad what size it should be so he built a wooden frame, put doors in both ends for ventilation and it is covered with heavy duty plastic. They use gallon plastic milk cartons, painted black, filled with water for the heat source. A simple useful greenhouse!
  3. Porterhouse is a great beefsteak, also Great White Beefsteak was new to me in 2011 a beautiful white when ripe and very flavorful tomato. Karen is right about Green Zebra! A great flavored tomato and a conversation starter! Grace Lahman is a great pink tomato, lots of flavor and very productive as well. These are all indeterminate varieties so plan on staking or caging them.
  4. I grew this in my own garden this year but did not think about taking any cuttings to try to propogate. Are you just sticking the cuttings? Rooting hormone? Have you tried to root the cuttings in water (the way my Grandma did) - seems to work with some things. I use a makeshift terrarium to keep consistent humidity without having to worry about misting.
  5. I have cut them back (never have had to do it from 5 feet tall) and basically treat them like an out of control coleus - cut back to leaf nodes to shape and thin if necessary, and they have come back with a vengeance. Would love to leave right now to go see that plant!!
  6. I like the Fafard planting medium choices and was just looking at the Fafard website FAQ's because I have been using their potting mixes for several years. They have replies to several questions regarding the harvesting and sustainablility of peat bogs as well as a reference to the Canadiaun Sphagnum Peat Moss Association - "The CSPMA logo ensures that the peat you buy is from a bog where strict environmental guidelines are in place and the company using our logo has adopted the CSPMA Code of Practice."
  7. Super glue definitely works if you already have the cracked/split fingertips!
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