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    My China Snow Lilac Tree has some dead branches. It's been in the ground a year and a half and last spring it took a big blast from a late freeze. This year I have lots of blooms but wonder exactly when and how to prune out the dead branches.
  2. tlmkozak


    Will growing Schizophragma up a tree pose a problem? If so what is a better way to grow it?
  3. tlmkozak

    Wish List

    I would like a tupelo tree. I also really adore my Japanese Umbrella Pine and my PG Hydrangea tree form.
  4. I suppose it would depend on the size of the tree and exactly how you protect it. I have a small maple only about 3-1/2 feet tall. I found a great cover at a local box hardware, etc. store. It pops open like a small tent to cover your plant and then has pegs that fit through loops to anchor it in the ground. I did have someone tell me that landscape fabric is preferable to burlap as it's not so heavy especially if it gets wet.
  5. The plant itself is fine just the buds shriveled up.
  6. I have two young tree peonies. Both fared well through the winter and are planted in different locations. This spring the larger one had 6 buds and the smaller one had two. Suddenly the larger one doesn't look right. The buds quit growing and things look kind of wilty. The smaller one looks great and the buds are large and getting ready to bloom. So what's wrong with the larger tree peony and how do I treat it? Thanks!
  7. No one can tell me why leaves keep browning out on my heptacodium. They just die in bunches. The nursery said they are supposed to be pest and disease resistant. I pruned out where the bad was and after a while there was more. It's in full sun on south side of house and the yard is irrigated. I really don't know what to do.
  8. tlmkozak

    Worst mistake

    I was told that if you tear open the tents of the caterpillars that the birds will able to feast on the critters so I just use a stick to rip them open. It's unsightly for a while but I hate to prune when it's not necessary. Hope this helps!
  9. Before I got irrigation my sprinklers left that rusty discoloration on my siding from the iron content in my well. I need to clean it off and want to do it in such a way as to not harm my flowerbeds. I've been looking at using a powerwasher and have concerns over what will clean this color off that won't harm plants. All hints are appreciated! Thanks!
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