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  1. I live in the U.P. and my lavender has actually been cracked from the weight of the snow, right down to the main trunk. The diameter of the main trunk is about 1 inch. How should I proceed? It has happened in the past and has killed off some of the branches, so they are starting to look like bonsai projects... Any advice? Re-prune, dig out. Advice on cultivars hardy to UP zone 4? Area is well drained, south/west facing. Thanks for your thoughts! Sue in UP
  2. I have been practicing "edible landscaping" in our yard for several years now, and I include food for us and for the critters--just depends which side of the fence you're on! I live in Marquette with a zone that was just recently upped to 5, but I have a feeling this COLD winter will bring the reality of zone 4 back to most of us. I have about seven seedlings of hazelnut shrubs potted up going into their second year. I got the slips through the Arbor Day Foundation(arborday.org); they have a hazelnut project ongoing, offering very inexpensive American Hazelnut (Corylus americana) seedlings. Mine were tiny- barely 1 to 1 1/2 feet tall, but they are very attractive and are bushing out. No nuts yet, of course. This summer I will plant them in their permanent sites (inside the fence!). Asparagus put in four years ago should yield well this spring and also is quite attractive. Raspberries round out the fenceline, with several rows of thornless blackberries, which yield berries,but not nearly as heavily as when we lived downstate in Grosse Pointe Park! Those two bushes I started with in GPP have become full heavy bearing patches in three other yards and in our new home here in the UP! The strawberries are moving to a new home along a side garden with a S and W exposure. I still love my perennials and flowers, but I love the idea of the landscape being useful as a food!
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