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  1. It is very important to help our ecosystem. I have been trying to do my part by giving talks on Butterfly Gardening, starting a Butterfly Group, and by writing the book "Learn About Butterflies in the Garden". Birds, amphibians, beneficial insects, and other wildlife also benefit from planting for butterflies. I am going to open "Brenda's Butterfly Habitat". It will be at Barson's Greenhouse, 6414 Merriman Road, Westland, MI 48185. I plan on opening it June 1st. This will have only the butterflies that are native to this area. The whole life cycle will be able to be witnessed because the habitat will include the host plants of each butterfly. There will be no fee for admittance. Donations will be accepted and used for maintenance. Here is the progress of Brenda's Butterfly Habitat so far.
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