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  1. I have a Teresa Bugnet rose that is approx. 15 years old. (approx. 5' tall & 4-5 ft. wide) that is now starting to send out "babies" into the garden bed.  A few years ago, one appeared and I didn't remove it.  It blooms and has all the characteristics of the "mother" plant and has grown equal in height but is only about 2-3' wide but in encroaching into another shrub within the garden bed.  I would like to transfer this "baby" into another garden.  However, this spring, I've noticed several more babies...I'm baffled as to what is happening and why now?  The newest babies are small.  Will separating these 'babies' from the mother plant harm the mother plant?  Will babies continue to arrive?  Help....what's happening?



    Stacy P.

  2. I have a Theresa Bugnet rose, it's about 14+ years old.  A few years ago, another auxiliary plant came up about 2' feet away...it is an identical plant.  I have left the plant in place, but it has gotten so large it is not interfering with other plants in that bed.  Can this 'sister' plant be successfully cut away and transplanted without harming the 'mother' plant?  I was in that garden this past Sunday on our first warm day of the spring and believe another 'sister' has appeared...that makes 2. 


    Also, some canes have gotten more thorny and almost hairlike, is this the sign the plant is failing?  Last summer, the blooms on both plants were just spectacular and no other issues, other than a few Japanese beetles, were noted.   This is my longest surviving rose in this bed..funny I originally purchased the rose bare root from Kmart for $1.98. It has outshown all others including Knock-outs and Carpet roses that were planted in the same rose bed.

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