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    Lawn Fungus

    My front lawn (eastward facing in Troy, MI) has been attacked by a lawn fungus the past 3 years. I first noticed the fungus in late June/early July and as the summer progresses, the fungus spreads. At first notice of the fungus, I have applied a Scotts brand of fungicide to my lawn. Following directions, I applied the granular fungicide every week to 10 days for a max of 4 applications. I am not sure if the fungicide was very helpful as my front lawn looks pretty bad for the rest of the summer/fall. It always returns in the spring looking great, but only to get hit by the fungus again in late June. Any thoughts on why this is happening? What I can do to prevent this from occurring next year? Any other remedies that can be applied to my lawn? Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Pete
  2. Any suggestions on how to rid my lawn of ants and anthills? Is there a specific fertilzer/treatement for that?? Please help.
  3. esca540

    What is this???

    Can this barberry be planted in part shade?
  4. esca540

    What is this???

    Hello. I found this beautiful skinny upright bush found in clusters in the landscape at Partridge Creek Mall in Clinton Twp. There is a bit of red/deep red to the tone of the bush. Can anyone identify what it is?
  5. Hello. I am new to the forum. I was wondering if you can prune a blue juniper and if so, how much is safe to remove from the top? Is there a time of year ok to do the pruning (early spring)?? Thanks for any help you can provide.
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