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  1. I do not garden here anymore and where I do garden I don't take pictures. Here are some from my gardens in other years but same time. It is a wonderful time of year!
  2. Curt P

    Design help please

    I see this shrub or small tree frequently at a house near my home, and I lke it in winter. Now I have a place to plant one and need to know what it is! Thanks in advance.
  3. It looks like it is a trillum not sure if it's grandiflora or another kind. Do you have a photo that shows more of the foliage that you could post?
  4. I know the soil test are results/recommendations based on the crop grown. Do you know if he had listed lawn/turf as his crop?
  5. I would wait to see what leafs out then prune out the dead. Some of the damaged leaves may get pushed off by new ones and the damage won't look so bad.
  6. Last year was a slow year for monarchs for me, very few showed up until late in the year. Be interesting to see what happens this year.
  7. Curt P

    What is this?

    First look, like some kind of exbury type azalea. 2nd look not so sure what it is. Wish I could tell what that pink growth/bud/flower is, it looks like a milkweed flower. I'll have to ponder this one.
  8. I watched this swan begin to build his/her nest. While this one removed/collected debris the other one patrolled the area.
  9. There are some spring wichhazels blooming right now!
  10. You could paint it a different color or put decals of some kind on it. Put some sort of screen around it like bamboo or slated wood.
  11. The blue lobelia in my yard had a seedling that the color of the flower was a light pink/purple that I really enjoyed this year.
  12. Curt P

    Wish List

    I would plant a Kousa dogwood!
  13. I've been out of touch for a little while, any new information about this? Thanks.
  14. It sure seems like it takes a long time for things to change. It took quite awhile to get people to use mulch around trees to protect them from mowers, weed whips, and such but it seems like they took it too far with the volcano mulching. I never saw it or heard it recommended that trees be mulched that way, yet thousands of trees are. I know this type of mulching has been taught against and written about for at least 10 years, probably longer. I plan to keep using mulch around trees, I have some large ones, and mulch them this way: I make sure I don't cover the root flares
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