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  1. I "inherited" two small crabapple trees on my property; both are at least twenty five years old. They both sprout MANY suckers each year. Anyone know how I can stop or suppress the suckering short of removing the trees?
  2. It was discovered three springs ago on pink Carpet Roses in my church's landscaping in Plymouth. A member from the Michigan Rose Society kindly came out to take a look after I contacted the MRS and indicated what I thought was going on. I was informed our outbreak of the disease was the first in the area--what a sad "honor". Being told there was no cure, we removed all the shrubs in hopes of preventing further spread in the community......I don't know whether or not we were successful.
  3. Thank you, all, for your excellent advice. Now I'm armed to "take him on" again in the spring if he's still under the deck!
  4. I LOVE wildlife in the garden....my yard is even a certified backyard wildlife habitat. However, I am concerned that a woodchuck that became very comfortable in the yard last year very likely took up residence under my deck and is still there--I cannot see under the low deck well enough to verify. I've seen the multiple burroughs just one woodchuck can create and am concerned that his activity may undermine the structure of the deck. I tried to live trap him to locate him to a more suitable home, but he was too slick for that; he even used the trap as a leaning aid as he ate the flowers beside it! Although I thought he was very cute as he peeked out from under the deck steps each day deciding which area of the garden he was going to feast on, does anyone have any non-lethal ideas as to how I can encourage him to move on if he is still here under the deck in the spring?
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