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  1. Thanks for all the info from both of you--much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Guru, I've never been to Uncle Lukes, so I think I'll check there. I got my seeds from Johnnys Seeds so I'll try there if Uncle Luke comes up empty. I tried growing a different variety of sugar snaps last year, but they turned brown and died. I'm sure the soil if contaminated with fusariun or the other tomato infection. Our tomatoes and cukes did the same thing, but we had a good harvest. They were planted in new raised beds, but I think the rototiller spread the problem. Could this be possible.
  3. Lynnmac

    Pruning Rose Bushes

    The forsythia bloom time is a rule of thumb. Roses need to be pruned because they flower on new wood. My husband has about 30 rose bushes and we haven't pruned yet!
  4. My sugar snap pea seeds say they need an inoculant to help " produce high-nitrogen nodules on plant roots". Does anyone anything about this and where canI purchase it?
  5. Hey, I'm not a master gardener! What are you talking about?
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