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  1. mtrue

    Birdnest Spruce

    Thanks, that's what I decided to do. Hopefully they'll like their new home and do better.
  2. mtrue

    Birdnest Spruce

    My landscaper just delivered several birdnest spruce for me to plant They all have good new growth coming off of branches that have brown needles or none at all. Will they recover or should I return them?
  3. There was just a crust of frost when I dug them up. The yew has been replanted. The hostas have not been planted and are buried in snow. I hope to get them in the ground when the temperatures are a little higher.
  4. Thank you - I am going to dig them out this morning. When replanting, is there a concern with watering when the ground around the plants is frozen?
  5. I'm having some urgent sewer line repair done this week and will need to temporarily move a 4ft tall upright yew and several hostas. What is the best way to move and keep them? They should be able to go back in the garden in a few days.
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